V Legal BRICS Forum Conference

The Law Society hosted this prestigious legal conference in August 2018. Lawyers, academics and other stakeholders representing the five BRICS nations came to South Africa following a successful conference in Russia late in 2017.

The BRICS Legal Forum conferences are aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and communication among legal circles, promoting practical legal cooperation, and advancing the rule of law. Focus is on improving the discourse and decision-making powers of the developing countries by pushing the establishment of a more justified international order and system.

Pre-eminent legal speakers from across the BRICS countries address a range of contemporary topics including BRICS themes: Arbitration; Contracts, Taxation; and the Processes and functioning of the BRICS Dispute Resolution Centres.



  • Brazilian Bar Association

  • Association of Lawyers of Russia

  • Bar Association of India

  • China Law Society

  • Law Society of South Africa

  • General Council of the Bar

  • University of Cape Town

The 1st BRICS Legal Forum

was held in Brazil in December 2014. Besides the principal organisers (professional bar associations and associations of lawyers), the delegations included representatives of the regional offices and leading law institutions of higher education of the BRICS countries. The following topics were discussed during the 1st BRICS Legal Forum: compatibility of legal and judicial systems of the Member States; preparing their legislations for possible unification processes aimed at eliminating the obstacles to a fruitful international cooperation; principal features of the judicial reform in Russia; establishment of a new uniform supreme judicial body, fate of arbitration courts; activity of special courts in Brazil, South Africa and China; features of the work of lawyers of the BRICS countries on the settlement of disputes under WTO membership. The outcome of the Forum was set forth in the Declaration.

The 2nd BRICS Legal Forum

took place from October 13 to 16, 2015 in Shanghai, China under the slogan “Legal cooperation: to strengthen the BRICS Community on the basis of historical destinies”. The 2nd Forum was focused on such topics as legal framework of economic cooperation of the BRICS countries; initiating coordinated steps to develop the cooperation in international spheres, including various forms and methods of “legal diplomacy”; possible basic mechanisms and main principles of dispute resolution, especially in trade and economic relations; special features of legal and organisational forms of developing political and economic interaction among the BRICS countries.

The 2nd Forum resulted in the establishment of the Shanghai Center of BRICS Dispute Resolution and the Declaration of the 2nd BRICS Legal Forum was adopted.

The 3rd BRICS Legal Forum

was organised in New Delhi, India in September 2016. The participants of the Forum discussed development of new forms of international cooperation; participation of lawyers in the integration processes in different regions of the world; legal protection of foreign investment, new tendencies in international commercial and civil law.

The discussions during the 3rd BRICS Legal Forum led to the establishment of the New Delhi International Center of Dispute Resolution of BRICS countries and other developing economies and the adoption of the Declaration of the Forum.

The 4th BRICS Legal Forum

was hosted by the Association of Lawyers of Russia and took place from 30 November to 1 December 2017.

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